To: Ash
From: Crecente
Re: Yes, I Have Barfy Kids

So I finally got off my fat backend and got around to exercising. After a lifetime of being underweight, and mostly fit, it was a pretty big shock to hear I was so completely unfit earlier this week.


I looked into a number of exercise options, mostly thanks to all of the nice people who emailed and Twittered me, but finally decided on something I've always wanted to try out. As a kid I bowled (yes on a team), was on a swim team, tennis team, baseball team, soccer team, basketball team. Later I took taekwondo, took shotokan karate, I fenced for nearly a decade, skied snowboarded, rock climbed, hiked, mountain biked and road biked. But I've always wanted to try out Kendo.

Yesterday I tracked down an impressive dojo in Denver, drove to the place, paid my fees and dropped directly into my first two hour class. It marked what I hope will be the first of many twice weekly, two hour workouts.

Now, I know you've told me you want to do this too. So do it. That way, one day we could spar!


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