Excellent Radio Show Releases Excellent Games Music CD

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Savvy readers may also be savvy listeners , so long as they're tuned into British radio show/podcast OneLifeLeft. It's a great show, made great not just by it's presenters, but by its music.


See, the show is a regular forum for games-inspired music. Chiptunes, remixes, even normal songs that are just written about games. OneLifeLeft's newly-released music compilation CD - Music To Play Games By - is a collection of some of the best of these.

Nerd rap darling Optimus Rhyme is on there, as are the Lost Levels and Doyouinverts, two groups whose brilliance is only outshone by their undeserved obscurity.


The CD's available from Amazon for £6.99/USD$10.

One Life Left Presents.. Music To Play Games By [Amazon UK]

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Learned of OLL after their one-year anniversary was mentioned on here, and i've been listening ever since. Love this show, and lovin the support of their works!