While playing through the Vive VR demo for Budget Cuts, the guys over at Tested came face to floor with one of the many ways virtual reality makes my head hurt.

An excellent Gfycat of the impromptu headbanging session has been making the Reddit rounds, but for the best effect check it out in Tested’s video below, around the 43:15 mark.

Now the Vive has sensors to sort of map out your surrounding area in an attempt to keep you from smashing into things, but as the video clearly demonstrates there’s nothing to stop a game from luring you into a false sense of ‘I can put my head through here.’


I’ve already got a natural inclination to put parts of my body through structures not meant to allow such access. I am a 6'6", 300 pound bull and the world is my China shop. I do not need any help hurting myself.

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