Ex-Lucasarts Man's Adventure Game Out Now

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Oh dear. Here we were, all excited at the prospect of playing Vampyre Story - by ex-Lucasarts man Bill Tiller - and then we went and forgot all about it. Lucky TIGS reminded us.


Because the game is now out! You can pick it up over on Amazon. To remind you why we're reminding you of this, this is a point-and-click adventure game, developed by a company founded by a man who pulled art duties on Monkey Island and The Dig.

That should be enough for you.

A Vampyre Story [TIGS]


I've gotta be honest here. It could be the best damn point and click adventure in the world and it'd still suck. The genre came out in a time when computers were pretty new to the consumer and they were so damned impressed by the computer itself and it's ability to display (then) impressive vga graphics that they ignored the fact that the game wasn't all that fun. It had nothing to do with the writing and animations... those were generally brilliant. It's just the core gameplay mechanic made it less like a game and more like a visual novel.

I enjoy an interactive, point-and-click adventure everyday, it's called THE INTERNET. This is exactly why the genre failed... we no longer want to explore 640x480 images in a video game when we have a whole interweb to find things in.

The last truely great point-and-click I played was zack and wikki and to be prefectly honest I would have enjoyed the game a great deal more if it'd been a regular gamepad adventure game with heavy puzzle elements as steering around a character with a cursor is horribly out-dated.

So I hope everyone who still likes this sort of thing enjoy the release, but personally I would enjoy it much more if all of that creativity and writing would be put into a proper video game.