Ex Journey Frontman Says Journey Arcade Game Was "Dumb"

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As a wee lad, I thought the Journey arcade game was just shy of the most amazing thing I'd ever seen. Not only did the Midway game feature eye-melting digitized black and white graphics, it had a cassette player inside that played "Separate Ways" when you beat the game's five levels. Plus you were in space. Space! I was pretty easy to please back then.


One individual who didn't think quite so highly of the Journey arcade game was Steve Perry, former vocalist of Journey. He says he was against it from the get go, in a not exactly new interview with GQ magazine.

"Everybody went against me on that issue," he tells GQ "‘Cause I thought it was silly. I've come to find out that there's a generation of kids who think it's classic and wish they could find the arcade version. But I personally thought it was dumb."


Perry's kind of an odd duck, but it sounds like the Journey video game was, to him, an unnecessary ego stroke.

"See, it's funny [...] Because I thought that we were big already, that we didn't need a video game," Perry adds. "But that's how the world judges you. Like, 'Gee whiz, you have a Lamborghini, so you must've been big.' I didn't understand that."

Okay, Steve. WHATEVER. Yes, we understand you have a Lamborghini and you're too good for a half-baked mini-game collection with your face slapped on, but some of us never had video games made about them. Kind of hard to empathize with your digitized plight. Hmph!

Foolish, Foolish Throat: A Q&A with Steve Perry [GQ]

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This will be probably the only time I agree with anything related to Journey, ever.

Perry's right. That game was stupid as hell.