Neill Blomkamp was set to have his directing career start strong with a film adaptation of Bungie's Halo. That movie is dead—but not for a lack of trying on Blomkamp's part, who worked tirelessly on it for months.

Blomkamp tells MTV that he "spent five months working on it, like, 24 hours a day" only to have "the rug pulled out from underneath" him. That's one of the reasons it will be "difficult" to revisit that Halo movie, at least in its current incarnation, particularly on top of the "politics" involved.

With producer Peter Jackson's Halo projects seeming to have fallen apart on the film and video game side, the team previously slated to bring Master Chief to the big screen may have hesitations about diving back into the adaptation.

The District 9 director seems to have very mixed feelings about ever returning to that project, despite his affection for the material.

See more of Blomkamp in his video interview at MTV.

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