Ex-Designer Says Obsidian's Aliens Game Canceled

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An ex-Obsidian developer's Linkedin profile lends further credence to rumors that Sega's action role-playing game set in the Aliens universe is no longer a going concern.


The Linkedin profile, discovered by Strategy Informer, belongs to ex-Obsidian designer David Condor. The resume section of the public profile lists Obsidian Entertainment, as well as the most current project he had been working on.

Designer for canceled third-person action Aliens RPG (Xbox 360, PS3, & PC)

The profile goes on to list the specific areas of the game that Condor worked on, perhaps giving us insight into what might have been.

— Responsible for the planning, layout, setup, and tuning of multiple large areas including a Vertical Slice
— Worked directly with a team of Animators, Artists, Sound Designers, and Writers to ensure consistent area vision and to maintain fun gameplay, visual storytelling, and the atmosphere of the Aliens universe
— Worked with other Designers to contribute to and improve on the vision of game
— Designed, Scripted and Balanced Major Combat Encounters and Boss Battles
— Designed, Implemented, and Iterated on Missions and Scripted Scenes
— Created and Iterated on initial Area layouts using XSI
— Worked with programmers to develop & improve on a new In-House Game Engine & Tools

Of course this isn't official confirmation by any means, but it certainly supports earlier reports of the game's cancellation and layoffs at the developer.

Ex-Obsidian's CV confirms Aliens RPG project has been 'canceled' [Strategy Informer]



He needs more achievements in his descriptions :P

Anyway, it's sad to see any RPG go away :( I probably would have played it too. Then again... Aliens in an RPG? That's kind of weird.