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Evo's Smash Bros. Final Came Down To An Elite Fox Vs. Jigglypuff Battle

The Super Smash Bros. Melee grand finals at this weekends huge Evo fighting game tournament culminated with a match between reputedly the world's best Fox McCloud player against the world's best Jigglypuff player. The guy playing Fox won the tournament last year. Could he repeat?


You can watch the final round of the final match above. (We've got a lo-res capture for you for now. A better quality version of the full Smash Bros. finals for Evo 2014 will eventually be viewable at here.)

Fox was controlled by C9 Mango, who'd come out on top of the three-day tournament's winner's bracket. Jigglypuff was in the hands of Crs. Hungrybox, who had battled back from an 0-2 deficit in the loser's bracket finals to get into the grand finals.


For the grand finals, Mango and Hungrybox would have to play a best-of-five match. If Mango won, he'd be the champ. If Hungrybox won, they'd play one more best-of-five. Their battle came down to a fifth, pivotal round, though we won't say whether it was in a first set or in a second in order to maintain the suspense.

Watch these guys fight to the end.

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Why is Kotaku reporting on EVO when there's a $10m video game tournament going on?

Non-gaming websites have covered The International more thoroughly than Kotaku.