While I love LEGO in general, the Hero Factory lines and Bionicle before it never appealed to me. I'm a brick man. Still, a new LEGO game coming in January to mobile devices and web platform is a wonderful thing, even if it isn't as square as I'd like.


Hero Factory: Brain Attack has players outfitting their Hero Factory creations with various implements of destruction, picking a sidekick from a selection of characters direct from toy store shelves—Bulk, Breeze, Rock and Furno—and then blowing anything that moves to pieces, all in the name of saving Makuhero City from the evil clutches of overly clever naming conventions.

Or brain creatures. Probably brain creatures.

Developed by 4T2, a studio that's been creating LEGO video games since 2007, Hero Factory: Brain Attack should be a smashing good time for fans of the toy line and animated films, and something for me to pick up simply because it says "LEGO" on it in big letters.


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