Evidently, Dead Island's Xian Does Not Wear Panties [NSFW]

Intrepid videographer HazardHeresy noticed that when leggy survivor Xian struggles to her feet in Dead Island, you can get a glimpse of her landing strip. No, really, she's going commando. Fast forward that video past the stupid-long preamble to 1:53 and you'll see what he's talking about—helpfully zoomed in close-up.


As grateful as I am for this particular bit of research I don't think this rises to the level of scandal, certainly not "Hot Coffee," which involved actual sex-having fucking. This is an M-rated game. Know what else was M-rated? Grand Theft Auto: The Lost and Damned, and that featured full-frontal nudity. Male nudity, as in, actual wiener. So, no, even if the ESRB hall monitors missed this, it's not gonna get the game pulled.

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Train Dodger

Not to be too pedantic, but I couldn't help but notice just how many people colloquially refer to the external parts of the female genitalia as the "vagina". This is incorrect. The exterior is the vulva, which includes the labia and clitoris. If you pry the labia apart, you can see the urethra and vaginal opening. The vagina leads up to the cervix, uterus and ovaries. In other words, you can't see the vagina itself without using your fingers or a pair of tongs. It's a tube, similar in structure and tissue type to the esophagus.

Female genitalia are awesome. I don't get why we Americans are so touchy about female nudity, or even nudity and sex in general. I mean, big deal. It's a human body, right? We were all born as hairless primates, and we'll die that way too. Can't we all just get along and try and make the most of things? I mean, why do we take sex - which is a fundamental part of what we are - and distort it, shrouding it in layer upon layer of meaningless symbolism and epithets delivered in hushed tones? What on Earth do we have to be ashamed of? Nothing!