Wait a minute. This isn't a movie. What's going on?

YouTuber glorious_accident posted his "CinemaSins style video" to r/TombRaider yesterday, where it went largely unnoticed. Which is a shame, 'cause it's good. It's a proper CinemaSins video for the last Tomb Raider game. And the guy wants to make this a series. Why are people not watching this?

It's a good format, and it would be perfect for video games. This one's a bit rough, with typos here and there, but first episodes are hardly ever perfect. So yeah, I wholeheartedly look forward to this guy's future work (and to CinemaSins becoming an Abridged Series-style example which other great online series will follow).

As for the game, well... I liked it. Loved the bow. Could've done with less quicktime events and cringy death scenes, maybe.

Everything Wrong With Tomb Raider [Dartigan@YouTube, thanks Chas!]

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