Everything WildStar Has To Offer In One Final Pre-Launch Trailer

Carbide Studios' massively multiplayer online science fiction role-playing game launches a week from today, with early start kicking off Saturday morning at 12:01 am Pacific. That makes this final features trailer the big pre-launch push for WildStar — if you don't see something you like here, just keep on playing whatever you were playing.


I'm quite looking forward to the game, and plan to be playing around launch time, as long as I get another MMO-related task out of the way first. I've puttered around with the beta, but have been saving myself for the full launch. I can't wait to see what sort of community coalesces around this weird little space game.

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Greg the Mad

I've played the beta. I've played many betas. Never before did the words "yet-another-WoW-clone" describe a game so well.

No crosshair/mouse-look (which kinda ruins the combat), outdated class system, housing is in instances, stupid factions tore my guild apart, no player trading, the quest texts were just terrible*, crafting is not just random, but stupid. And, finally, do no of the player's actions have a lasting impact on the game, which is normal, but you feel it with every step.

No, Carbide, you'll get no money for that from me. I wouldn't even play that for free. ... Sorry.

*"Hi, I'm [Alien Name Here]. I love Apples. Kill 25 Alien-frogs!" and that was the whole conversation.