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Everything Sony Showed At E3 2017

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Sony just wrapped their E3 2017 press conference, where Insomniac’s Spider-Man almost managed to distract from the fact that they didn’t announce Bloodborne 2.

Not a ton of new stuff for Sony, but they did keep with the current trend of showing games that are coming within the next year or so. Let’s break it all down.

We Got A Closer Look At Uncharted: Lost Legacy.

It looks like more Uncharted. Just another trailer for a game that’s out in a couple months, but hey. I pretty much think all games should star Claudia Black, so I am in favor this. It’s out on August 22.


Horizon: Zero Dawn is getting an expansion.

It’s called The Frozen Wilds, and I am all for it. Especially since I’ll finally be able to play with no headgear. It’s coming later this year.


We Got A Longer Look At Days Gone.

The post-apocalyptic game is being made by Sony Bend, which, side note, I took a vacation out in Bend recently and it’s a really beautiful place. This game has a lot more stabbing and strangling than real-life Bend.

The game looks like it’ll let you manipulate zombie hordes into taking out camps of human raiders, adding an emergent/stealth element. Not super remarkable based on what they showed, but polished.

Monster Hunter is Coming To Consoles And PC.

The widely loved Monster Hunter series is coming to PS4 and Xbox One in early 2018 in the form of Monster Hunter World, which, yes, okay. I’m in. It’s also coming to PC “at a later date.”


Shadow Of The Colossus Is Getting Remade For PS4.

This isn’t just some remaster, this is a full-on remake headed up by Bluepoint. It looks really good, with all the expected modern graphical bells and whistles. As a bonus, we already know the game is good.


We got another long look at Call of Duty: World War II Multiplayer

To be honest, it kinda just looks like Battlefield 1 with Nazis, but I know a lot of people are hyped about it. It’s out November 3.


There Was A Big Reel Of PSVR Games.

The games included: Skyrim (!), a military shooter called Bravo Team, a colorful game called Star Child, a psychological thriller called The Inpatient, a Final Fantasy XV fishing game (lmao) called Monster Of The Deep, and a neat looking fantasy game called Moss where you control a little mouse.


The New God Of War Gets Up Close And Personal

This was the first we’ve seen of God of War for a year, and we got a lot more of a sense of what it’ll be like to play the game. The camera is now over Kratos’ shoulder, which puts you right in there when he rips things apart.


Kratos is still the saddest dad in video games, and is embarking on a journey with his young son. It will shock you to hear this, but I think this game is going to have a lot of graphics. Sony says it’s coming in early 2018.

Detroit Is About Sad Robots Becoming Mad Robots.

David Cage’s Detroit looked slick as ever, but also slightly awkward in that David Cage-y way. You play as an android leading an uprising in a corporate controlled megacity, choosing your path through the story. Hard to get a read on how it’ll feel to actually play this one.


Spider-Man Mixes Stealth, Action, And... QTEs?

Insomniac’s Spider-Man game is looking hot, and strongly influenced by Rocksteady’s Arkham games. The demo had Spidey taking down some of Wilson Fisk (Kingpin)’s thugs atop an under construction building, using a mix of stealth, environmental takedowns, and straight-up fighting. There was also a QTE that made me think of this.


The game looks impressive, though the action-packed (and QTE-packed) back half of the demo almost felt more like watching a Spider-Man animated short. Not totally clear how some of that stuff will work when you’re playing it.


At the very end, they showed Miles Morales taking photos of Spidey’s web. Cool. The game’s coming out in 2018.

Couple Other Things: The makers of Until Dawn showed a new co-op mobile horror game called Hidden Agenda, Undertale is coming to PS4 and Vita (woo!), Marvel vs Capcom Infinite is coming September 19, and we saw a new Destiny 2 trailer along with the expected PS4-exclusive strike and exclusive gear.


And that does it for Sony. In terms of exclusivity, all the games with videos embedded in this post with the exception of Call of Duty, Monster Hunter World, and possibly some of the PSVR games are PlayStation exclusives. (In the nomenclature of my exclusivity explainer from earlier today, an “Actual Exclusive.”)

We’re almost done with the big E3 press conferences, but we’ll be back tomorrow morning for Nintendo and throughout the week with all sorts of additional E3 coverage.