Everything Ridiculous About Pokémon, In Four Minutes

Despite Pokémon's immense popularity, plenty about the series is absolutely silly, or doesn't make much sense.


If you're a veteran player, you're already familiar with some of the qualms that TheBlueOwlPlays brings up in this video. They include:

  • How the only industry you can work in is Pokémon related, because EVERYthing in the Pokémon universe must be related to Pokémon. People do not have lives outside of Pokémon, which probably explains why every single book you read in the games is related to Pokémon, and why the only education system seems to be related to Pokémon, too.
  • Everyone is expelled from their homes at age 10 or so.
  • The professors always seem to suffer from dementia.
  • Despite being just a child, you're expected to go out into a world full of powerful, dangerous Pokémon—and you end up meeting Pokémon's version of satan and god.
  • You need to teach birds how to fly and fish how to swim.
  • How everything about breeding is messed up, particularly when you think about all the baby Pokémon trainers keep suspended in PCs indefinitely. Also: Ditto must be the Pokemon that gets the most action out of everyone, right?
  • Despite being a sport, steroid use is heavily encouraged and in fact expected in Pokémon.
  • How it's perfectly okay to just take money from other children after defeating them.
  • Gym leaders are supposed to be the most powerful trainers aside from the Elite Four, and yet they're often garbage.
  • Players regularly take down Pokémon's version of the mafia and it's no big deal.
  • You always become the most powerful trainer, and yet you're often just a tween.

Really, the list goes on. But we often suspend our disbelief while playing, because that makes things easier—and more charming.


The thing I always find most ridiculous is how preachy all the characters in the show are about Pokemon being their friends or treating them like equals (especially Ash) but then to show something to the contrary at multiple points. I mean obviously they make them battle and treat them in many ways like servants, but oh no they're our friends says everyone, lol. Then why do your call yourselves Pokemon Trainers and Masters. Also the thought of hurting Pokemon is always a no-no in the game and anime, but I recall many times of people talking about eating Pokemon, heck Ash himself in one episode of the anime is fawning over the idea of eating a roasted Magikarp.

Its made even weirder by the fact that there are actually normal animals in the Pokemon world (worms, cows, etc), at least in the anime. I guess Magikarp doesn't fall under "intelligent enough species to give a crap about". heheh