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Everything Bethesda Showed At E3 2018

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Bethesda capped off the second day of E3 press conferences by showing a bunch more Fallout 76, announcing Doom and Wolfenstein sequels, and teasing The Elder Scrolls VI as well as a new sci-fi game called Starfield.


The show got off to a slow start but picked up steam as it went, with an unexpected focus on multiplayer games so soon after the publisher’s “Save Player One” marketing campaign last fall. Also, Andrew W.K. was there. Let’s go over everything Bethesda showed off.

We got a closer look at Rage 2.

Well, first, they had Andrew W.K. come out for a spirited if awkward stage performance. At one point, he successfully rocked out while playing keyboard, which any rock band keyboardist will tell you is no small feat. Andrew W.K. seems like a pretty great dude, if you ask me.

Still not sure if I’m ready to rage though, tbh
Still not sure if I’m ready to rage though, tbh

So then they showed a bunch of Rage 2. You play as a dude named Walker who sure sounds like a pissed off dude in a post-apocalyptic shooter. He’s “the last ranger” and his enemy is called “the authority.” He drives a car around and shoots bad guys, sometimes from the car, sometimes on foot. The game has more of a Borderlands 2 party vibe, and the gameplay reminded me of Bulletstorm more than anything else. It looks slick, bleak, and violent, and most importantly, there appears to be a high-quality slide move. The protagonist talked a lot, though, and kept saying things like “oh hell yeah!” as he blew stuff up. Hmm. It’ll be out in spring of 2019.

Doom Eternal will continue the Doom saga of Doomliness.

The sequel will have twice as many demons, and will let us see “Hell on Earth,” as a Doom sequel probably should. They say they’ll show more at QuakeCon this August.


Prey gets a bunch of new stuff... tonight! Some of it free!

In the second Beyoncé move of E3, Arkane announced some new modes coming to Prey tonight! For free! The free stuff includes a New Game+ mode and a survival mode. Also out tonight is some new paid DLC called Mooncrash, which they described as “infinitely replayable.” (BTW Prey is a very good game; worth checking out if you missed it.)


They also announced an upcoming asymmetrical competitive mode called “Typhon Hunter” in which one human character takes on a group of five players controlling shape-shifting Mimics. Sounds neat.

The next Wolfenstein game stars BJ And Anya’s twin daughters!

It’s called Wolfenstein: Youngblood and is set in the 80s. Because you’re BJ and Anya’s twins, the whole game can be played either solo or in co-op. It’s coming next year. I am super down for this one.


Fallout 76 is indeed an online game, out in November.

Bethesda Game Studios’ Todd Howard came out to finally properly unveil Fallout 76, after teasing it at the Microsoft conference earlier today. It’s set in West Virginia, it’s really big, and as we reported, it’s an online multiplayer game, though Howard stressed that you can definitely play the whole thing solo.


Howard described it as more “softcore survival” than “hardcore survival.” Death never means the loss or progression, he said. Your character isn’t tied to one server, and you’ll never even see a server as you play. You’ll share the world with dozens of other players, but not hundreds.

Illustration for article titled Everything Bethesda Showed At E3 2018

He then put on some cute Fallout-style mini-trailers with a bunch of gameplay, showing off how the multiplayer will work, as well as a shared crafting system that lets you team up with your friends to make your own outposts. It’ll have dedicated servers and Bethesda will be supporting it “for years to come.” Also, there’ll be nukes you can find and use on other players? It basically looks like Borderlands meets Fallout, which, okay, I’ll play that! It’s coming out on November 14, 2018.

The Elder Scrolls: Blades is an Elder Scrolls game for mobile devices.

Blades is a first-person RPG with touch inputs, with both unique and procedurally generated dungeons. Howard seemed pretty stoked about how it can be played in both portrait and landscape mode, which does seem like one of those things that’s probably cooler than it sounds. The combat and dungeon crawling footage didn’t do much for me (I’d rather just play Legend of Grimrock on my phone, I think), but then Howard showed some town-building that looked kinda neat. You can even visit your friends’ towns. Blades is coming this fall, and it’ll be free.


They announced Starfield, a new sci-fi game.

It was an extremely short teaser for the widely rumored game, but good to know it exists. Seems safe to say it’ll be a sci-fi game of some sort, and Howard described it as “next-gen,” which at this point probably means it’s being developed for the next generation of consoles after the current one.


They closed with a teaser for The Elder Scrolls VI.

It was basically just the Elder Scrolls theme and some title text, but it was still enough to make everyone freak out. Which, yeah. I mean, of course they were making this game, but it’s nice to see it confirmed so far in advance.


A few more things: The Elder Scrolls Legends card game is getting a visual overhaul and will be out later this year on Switch, Xbox One, and PS4; The Elder Scrolls Online’s next DLC is a dungeon DLC called Wolf Hunter that’s all about werewolves, and the gamealso got an exciting sizzle trailer; Quake Champions also got a new trailer; they’re making new Prey and Wolfenstein VR games; there was a fun joke trailer for an Alexa-powered Skyrim: Very Special Edition; Bethesda’s free-to-play mobile management game Fallout Shelter is hitting PS4 and Switch tonight.

And that’s it for Bethesda! We’ll be back bright and early tomorrow for a bunch more press conferences, and throughout the coming week with gameplay impressions from the show floor, interviews with developers, and breaking news. Stay tuned.

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Bethesda absolutely killed it wow. So much from one dev/publisher. Starfield, Rage, Doom, Skyrim, Fallout. insaaaane. Will be hard to top I think.