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Everything Announced At The PC Gaming Show 2020

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
Torchlight 3
Torchlight 3
Screenshot: Echtra Games

Even though we aren’t getting a proper E3 this year, we still got the annual PC Gaming show. The show didn’t have a ton of huge new announcements, but we did get some new trailers for games like Outlast Trials, Twin Mirror, and Weird West. And some new info about Mafia Definitive Edition and Total War Saga: Troy.

Torchlight 3 is out today on Steam.

The action-RPG sequel is set a century after the last game and is coming to PC... today! It launched via early access. It features customizable forts and wild classes, including one that summons trains.

Persona 4 Golden is also out today on Steam.

The beloved JRPG makes the move to PC and you can play it today. This news hit a little earlier today, before the show started. Our own Mike Fahey has played it and shared his thoughts.


The creator of DayZ revealed his new game, Icarus.

Dean Hall’s studio RocketWerkz revealed their new game, a first-person survival game with building elements and aliens. Icarus will support online co-op, will release sometime in 2021, and will be free to play.

The first gameplay footage of Evil Genius 2 was released.

Developed by Rebellion Games, this sequel will have players building evil lairs and sending out there goons around the world to complete missions. Probably evil missions. The end goal is, of course, world domination. Coming 2020.

Remnant: From The Ashes is wrapping up with a big DLC.

Subject 2923 is the final piece of DLC for the game and is coming to out on August 20.


Publisher Humble Games showed off a whole slate.

  • Prodeus — A retro-shooter with a built-in level editor and sharing tools. It will be released in 202o.
  • Fae Tactics — A pixel art turn-based strategy game that looks a lot like Final Fantasy Tactics. Coming out this summer with a Switch release later on.
  • Project Wingman — Jets and dogfighting are the focus on this game. It will have VR support and is coming out in summer 2020.
  • Carto — Coming out fall 2020, Carto is an adorable and chill survival game with the ability to change the in-game world.

Total War Saga: Troy will let you rewrite history.

The latest strategy game from Creative Assembly will let players rewrite the events of the famous historic Battle of Troy. These alternative options are based on real theories from various historians. This game will be out on August 13 and will be free for the first 24 hours on the Epic Games Store.

Mafia Definitive Edition is a new version built entirely from the ground up.

Hangar 13's Haden Blackman talked about the upcoming remake of the classic open-world game and explained that the entire thing is being rebuilt. The developer will follow the story beats and missions from the original game, but the whole thing is built in a new engine. All of the cutscenes are being rewritten and tweaked. It comes out on August 28.

A new look at Twin Mirror, the next game from Dontnod Entertainment.

First seen in 2018, this is the next game from the studio behind the fantastic Life Is Strange series. It will be released “soon” and on PC will be exclusive to the Epic Games Store for a year.

Other trailers shown included Valheim (Coffe Stain), Ooblets (Glumberland), Elite Dangerous (Frontier Developments), Insound Mind (We Create Stuff), Blightbound (Ronimo Games), Airborne Kingdom (The Wandering Band), DwarfHeim (Pineleaf Studio), Humankind (Amplitude), Godfall - (Counterplay Games), Blankos Block Party (Mythical), Inkulinati (Yaza Games), Rogue Lords (Leikir Studio, Cyanide S.A.), Unexplored 2 (Ludomotion), Among Trees (FJRD Interactive), Potionomics (Voracious Games), Mortal Shell (Playstack), Shadow Man Remastered (Nightdive), Haven (The Game Bakers), Shadows Of Doubt (Cole powered Games), Paradise Killer (Kaizen Game Works), Cartel Tycoon (Tiny Build), Trash Sailers (Tiny Build), Weird West (Wolfeye Studios), Story of Seasons (Xseed games), Metal Hellsinger (Funcom), Amulets of Chaos (Artefacts Studios), Red Sails(?), Surgeon Simulator 2 (Bossa Studios), The Last Campfire (Hello Games), and Outlast Trials (Red Barrels).