Everyone's A Winner In Japan's Weekly Hardware Battle!

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We're not taking sides in this week's round up of video game hardware sales in Japan. Look, it's not a contest, Sony and Nintendo. You're both doing just fine.


Microsoft? Well, they're doing just about as well as ever in Japan, with the Xbox 360 continuing to sell somewhere between the Nintendo DS Lite and PSPgo, which translates to "unspectacular." The rest of the contest, namely the Wii versus the PlayStation 3 and the Nintendo DS versus the PSP is relatively evenly matched.

The DS as a platform bests the PSP by a couple thousand units, the PS3 does the same to the Wii. But the split between the two most popular video game companies in Japan is pretty close. Here are the raw numbers from good ol' Media Create.

  • PSP - 29,766
  • PlayStation 3 - 28,973
  • Wii - 25,345
  • Nintendo DSi LL - 19,372
  • Nintendo DSi - 13,738
  • Nintendo DS Lite - 3,349
  • Xbox 360 - 3,218
  • PSP go - 1,826
  • PS2 - 1,425

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Jokes that crack on the PSPGo are getting tired. Sony can save the platform, but aren't doing anything about it. The two major issues are price & Software. Price needs to come down to $150, which would be generous considering you don't have to buy a 16gb card which can run up to $50. They also need to include a voucher for a game download.

There is nothing wrong with the digital distribution model they've chosen for the platform. But, they should be relentlessly digitally distributing every prior PSP game, at a $10 to $15 price point. There is no reason why any game should be more than $20, especially if they are relatively old. It's that, or people will buy a used cheap copy for their psp-1000. Sony, then you'd see zero royalties.

People seem to forget the revised PSP design was for new customers, not old ones. It was never intended as replacement to UMD models. Nevertheless, it's amazing how they had a great idea with the Go and absolutely forgot to follow through on it.

The sales numbers for the go in Japan are not surprising, but not because there's been the kind of backlash you're seeing in America, it's because in general Japanese gamers are not into downloadable games, they prefer their games in a tangible format. We love steam, XBLA, and PSN, but their market hasn't adapted to yet.