Everyone Loves Shoryukens

I'm pretty sure I won't be checking out Aliens in the Attic when it infests theaters this summer, but this video is worth a watch.


Why? Because it features white-haired hard-ass Doris Roberts, of Everybody Loves Raymond fame, throwing out an upper cut, Street Fighter shoruken-style.

Everybody Loves Raymond's Mom Busts out a Shoryuken [Capcom Unity]

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This is the type of trailer the simple minded people laugh at at the movies. It usually comes at the end of the trailer. Something goofy happens like this guy slapping himself and you always get those people in the audience who actually laugh at it, like it's the first time they ever saw a movie. That rodent movie G-force is a good example. At the end these three rodents say something in harmony and the idiots laugh. Congratulations! You're a movie studios wet dream!