From: McWhertor
To: Ashcraft
Re: Your Favorite Animal Is...

Did you really go to the zoo? Or was that just Night Note code for "I'm going to sit on the couch watching French films and pounding sake"? If you did, here's an uninteresting factoid: my most recent zoo excursion occurred in Japan at the Ueno Zoo. The last time I spent time looking at wildlife in an unnatural habitat was probably about 15 years before that. Zoos aren't really my thing. Generally, kind of a bum out. I mean, polar bears in the city? They're supposed to be in the jungle!

Hey, if I go to Osaka this year in advance of the annual Tokyo Game Show trip, what should I do? I've only been to the greater Tokyo metropolitan area and will need some advice!

Anyway! Here's what you missed today...

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