The world of film has seen so, so many gruesome deaths. Some are funny, some are terrifying, some are nauseating. Some are all three.

The delightful, all-over-the-place blog "My New Plaid Pants" has long been my go-to place for movie deaths. Every Thursday, Jason Adams posts the very best movie deaths under the tag "Thursday's Ways Not to Die." In fact, his list has evolved beyond horror movies and started to include every genre.

I've actually found that it's really fun to pick an entry and try to guess which movie it'll be from before I click.

Here are a ton (though amazing, not nearly all) of past entries in the series, see if you can guess the death before you click the link:

Previous Ways Not To Die: Satanic Self Sacrifice β€” Fist and Fortune β€” Psychedelic Penis Slice To Window Toss β€” For Crimes Against Accent β€” Sacked β€” Speed Bumped For Traffic Spikes β€” Shark Versus Jet-Ski β€” Hot Oil Treatment β€” Tucked In By Jason β€” Just A Pair of Snowbodies β€” Poison Pellet Kibble Swap β€” Dolly Disassembled β€” Fire Escape Fall Out β€” Unbuggered β€” Tell 'Em Large Marge Sent'cha β€” Blue Man Gooped β€” Tongue Stung β€” Now Wouldn't Cha, Barracuda? β€” Leaving on a Rat Plane β€” Panthers! β€” Fashion Faux-Pwned β€” "It's Just A Box." β€” Blasted Pigeons β€” Taunting Ahnuld β€” The Too Hot Tub β€” Beyond the Veil β€” Sunken Prayersβ€” Super Crack β€” Brains Blown β€” Fur For The Boogens β€” White Hot Bunny Rabbit Rage β€”Dragged To Hell β€” The TV Van That Dripped Blood β€” Don't Mess With Mama β€” Heads Ahoy β€”Martyred For Sheep β€” Heads Nor Tails β€” He Loves Me Knot β€” The Great Bouncing Brad β€”Miss Kitty's 8 Mishaps β€” Boat Smoosh β€” Meeting the French-Tipped Menace β€” A Magic Trick β€” Slick Suck β€” We Who Walk Here Walk Alone β€” Raptor Bait β€” Kneegasm'd β€” Dare to Dream in Fincher β€” Reach Out and Throttle Someone β€” De-Faced β€” Voluntary Drowning β€” Cross Borne β€” Pulled Up Hell's Sphincter β€” An Arrow Up The Ass - The Numerous Violent Unbecomings of Olive Oyl β€” Ack! Ack! Zap! β€” Baby's First Acid Splash β€” Chop, Drop and Sashimi Roll β€” Forever Rafter β€” Can't You Hear Me Now? β€” Daisies Ways #5 - Harpoony Side Up β€” Acid Dip β€” On a Wing and a Prey β€” For Standing in the Way of Sappho β€” Busting Rule Number Three (For The Purpose of Number Two) β€” Daisies #4 - Window Dressed To Killed β€”Hands Off the Haas Orb β€” Bullet Ballet β€” A Single Vacancy at the Roach Motel β€” A School Bus Slipped Thru The Ice β€” Trache-AAHHHH!!!-tomy'd - For Mel Gibson's Sins β€” A Wide Stanced Slashing β€”- Daisies Ways #3 - Scratch n' Snuffed β€” The Victim of a Viscous Hit & Runβ€” Curled β€” Kabobbed β€” Daisies Ways #2 - Aggravated Cementia β€” Boo! Nun! β€” 2009's Ways Not To Die β€” Bug Scratch Fever β€” Daisies Ways #1 - Deep Fat Fried in My Own Unique Blend of 500 Herbs & Spices β€” By the Yard End of the Stick β€” Screwed From A Very Great Distanceβ€” A Righteous Bear-Jew Beatdown β€” Fisted By Hugo Sitglitz β€” Xeno Morphed β€” Fuck-Stuck β€” A Vengeful Elevator God: Part 4 β€” Lava Bombed β€” The Cradle Will Rock... Your Face Off!!! β€” The Food of the Nilbog Goblins β€” The Slugs Is Gonna Gitcha β€” Phone Shark β€” Hide The Carrot β€” Sarlacc Snacked β€” Avada Kedavra!!! β€” Hooked, Lined and Sinkered β€” "The Libyans!" β€” Axe Me No Questions β€” Pin the Chainsaw on the Prostitute β€” The Wrath of the Crystal Unicorn β€” The Ultimate Extreme Make-Over β€” Drown In A Sink Before The Opening Credits Even Roll β€” The Dog Who Knew Too Much β€” Don't Die Over Spilled Milk β€” Inviting the Wrath of Aguirre β€” An Inconceivable Outwitting β€” The Five Point Palm Exploding Heart Technique β€” Nipple Injected Blue Junk β€” Your Pick Of The Deadly Six β€” Thing Hungry β€”Don't Fuck With The Serial Killer's Daughter β€” DO Forget To Add The Fabric Softener β€” Any Of The Ways Depicted In This Masterpiece Of Lost Cinema β€” Rode Down In The Friscalating Dusklight β€” Good Morning, Sunshine! β€” Mornin' Cuppa Drano β€” The Cylon-Engineered Apocalypse β€” Tender-Eye-zed β€” Martian Atmospheric Asphyxiation β€” Maimed By A Mystical Person-Cat β€” The Sheets Are Not To Be Trusted β€” Handicapable Face-Hacked β€” I Did It For You, Faramir


...right? There are plenty more over on the site itself. Click away and have a blast. Which one is best? Or worst? Which way would you least like to die? What's your favorite horror film death of all time?


Feel free to talk about those, or whatever else. The Thursday open thread begins now. Try not to diiieeee….