Every Death In Game of Thrones, Visualized

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Via bookstore Twitter feed WaterstonesDork, here's a colorful visualization of every single death in George RR Martin's wonderful fantasy series. Each post-it represents a corpse. George RR Martin is a sick man.



I just started this series after hearing everyone talk about the TV show. I'm a bit over half way through the first book, and I'm loving it, but damn the build-up is killing me. I know the books are a slow burn since its such a long series, but the first 400 pages were almost nothing but introducing characters and events with no real "main" plot coming to light until about now. I feel like I haven't even put a tiny little dent in the series. I've managed to avoid all spoilers too (well, except I know that there is going to be a wedding somewhere that is probably not going to go very well).