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EverQuest Launches Its Sixteenth Expansion

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

EverQuest players venture into the undiscovered underground of Norrath today with the launch of EverQuest Underfoot, the game's 16th expansion, which adds new areas, master tradeskilling, and an achievement system to the 10-year-old MMO.

EverQuest Underfoot, available today at for $39.99, substantially adds to Norrathian real estate by going deeper underground than ever before. Players can expect to encounter plenty of new creatures as they venture forth, hunting for tradeskill recipes so they can make the powerful new items afforded by the addition of Master Tradeskilling.


Other new additions include an expanded target window, which lets players assign group members to specific roles for ease of targeting, and an achievement system, much like the one already implemented in World of Warcraft.

"Celebrating a decade of EverQuest throughout this year has reinvigorated our community and development team alike, and that passion is clearly on display with the latest expansion," said Thom Terrazas, Producer, Sony Online Entertainment. "Underfoot presents a world unlike anything you've experienced in Norrath, providing a deep and fun experience for all our players."


I've not played EverQuest for years, but there are times I miss my bard something terrible. Then I remember this, and the melancholy fades.