Who needs power-leveling when you can just spend $35 on a developer-sanctioned level 85 character? Bypass those pesky levels with EverQuest II's new Heroic Characters feature.

Launched yesterday, the Heroic Characters feature allows past, present and future EverQuest II players to jump directly into the shiny boots of a level 85 character, complete with weapons, armor, jewelry, bags, food, ammo and a Pegasus mount. They've even got 280 alternate advancement points unlocked and ready to go.

Already have an EQII character? That's fine! As long as you are under level 85, you can spend the same 3500 station points (roughly $35) to top yourself off. Heroic Characters are also available as a try-before-you-buy item, allowed one level's worth of experience before they're locked from play pending pay.

As part of a special promotion introducing the new feature, all current and returning EverQuest II players can create one Heroic Character for free between now and October 15.


Nothing makes an MMORPG enjoyable like a massive influx of inexperienced high level characters. Those 84 levels of playing? Completely unnecessary, unless you want to know say, how to play. This should be great fun to watch. I'm re-downloading the client as we speak.

Will it ruin the game? Who cares? EverQuest Next is coming.