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Dragon Age was an epic role-playing game. Sequels to those kind of things normally take years to be released (just ask Elder Scrolls fans!). So why did Dragon Age II come out less than 18 months after Dragon Age?

The game's composer, Inon Zur, may have an answer for you. "Unlike other titles from Bioware, this [score] was kind of a rush job", he tells IGN. "EA really wanted to capitalize on the success of Origins, so the game was really being pushed hard to be released now."


Now, I'm knee-deep in a certain other game for review, so I haven't had a chance to check out Dragon Age II yet. So I can't speak for its quality. But just on principle, that does not sound like a constructive way to approach the development of an epic role-playing game.

Anyone who has played it, does it feel, well, rushed to you? Let us know below.

Composing for Dragons [IGN, thanks Shinta!]

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