As the world's #1 specialist games retailer, GameStop has a lot of retail clout in this business. So it's always good reading when the company discloses just which publishers do the best business across its chain of stores.

According to an SEC report, Nintendo is the retailer's best-selling company, with 23% of all "new product" sales being Nintendo hardware, software or accessories. Next is Sony, with 17%, while Microsoft and EA both were on 12%. Rounding out the top 5 was Activision, with 11% of the GameStop pie.


That means five companies controlled 75% of the sales of "new product" (so, excluding preowned) at GameStop stores. Meaning publishers like Capcom, THQ, Ubisoft, Lucasarts and Take-Two were simply fighting over the scraps.

Remember these figures are just for GameStop, not all retailers, so try and keep that in mind before wondering why EA outsold Activision, or why Atlus didn't make the list.

Nintendo 23% of GameStop's non-used business [GameStop]

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