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Ever Wonder How Much EA Honcho Made Last Year?

Illustration for article titled Ever Wonder How Much EA Honcho Made Last Year?

Here's a hint, much less than Activision boss Bobby Kotick, much less — like half of what the Activision exec made.


The horror!

EA's John Riccitiello received US$6,365,823 in compensation during 2008. To recap: Bobby Kotick made over $14 million, while Riccitiello only made $6 million. Only.


So if you happen to see Riccitiello out on the town, do the man a favor and buy him a round or get him a sandwich. We worry about how he manages. Oh, right. The stock options he liquidated last year for $7 million, that's how.

John Riccitiello [Forbes via Spong via GoNintendo via VG247]

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That's so ridiculous. This guy likely pays around 40% tax on his money, which means he paid more than 2.5 million dollars in tax on those earnings. I imagine that's about 2.499 million more than the average person pays, so I think he puts his fair share back into the system.