Even When They're Useless, Titans In Titanfall Are The Best

Aww. Look at the auto-Titans trying their best to protect their pilot—even if it means destroying themselves in the process. It's the result of lackluster artificial intelligence. But it's also kind of endearing, don't you think? They're trying their best!

DefendTheHouse is back with another "Mythbuster" episode, and in this one, they test out what happens when an auto-Titan tries to confront a domed Titan. Turns out, auto-Titans try to melee the crap out of the domed Titan—which isn't such great news for the auto-Titans, as they totally wreck themselves because of it.


It's okay, Titans. You get points for trying.

Titanfall Mythbusters: Episode 3 [DefendTheHouse]

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Lackluster AI... or just following the first law of robotics