Even Text Games Can Make You Profoundly Uncomfortable

If you wanna be grossed out by a bump on your hand, tempted into making a sexual mistake, or run from a pack of velociraptors, the ongoing Twiny Jam has a little something for everyone.

What’s great about Twine game is that anyone can make one. Seriously, even I gave it a shot. Most Twine games (experiences?) are simple affairs, and the Twiny Jam, kicked off by the designer Porpentine, are even more to the point. Nothing can be more than 300 words.


This constraint leads to some really interesting experiments in both form and execution.

Growth pretends to offer you options about this weird thing on your hand, but it’s not true.

Late For Class, in which you come across a bunny that’s probably not actually a bunny, is exceptionally clever about how decisions reframe sentences you’re reading. It’s more than just clicking onto branching paths, and makes the literal act of “clicking” on a word enjoyable.


And Velociraptors in the Library begins with, perhaps, the best opening response ever to the premise of studying in the library and finding out a bunch of clever girls have shown up.


“Holy shit” is exactly right, my friend. “Everyone run” is some pretty solid advice, too.


If you’re looking for something different, I’d recommend checking out some of my favorites:

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