Even South Park's Kids Don't Understand Pewdiepie

I guess it was only a matter of time. Tonight's episode of South Park, titled #REHASH, was all about pop stars, holograms, and the one and only Pewdiepie.

Like many folks above a certain age—including a lot of Kotaku readers—the kids of South Park just don't get the appeal of the polarizing Pewdiepie and other YouTubers who play games while talking about them. And like many folks below a certain age, Ike Broflovski and friends would rather watch Lets Plays than sit in the living room with their PlayStations and Xboxes. For example:


And here's Cartman doing his best Pewdiepie impersonation:

It was an OK episode, apparently part one of a two-parter that will close off the season. You'll be able to watch #REHASH when it's live right here, if your region supports it.

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