Even Runes Of Magic's Trailers Channel World Of Warcraft

Free-to-play massively multiplayer online game Runes of Magic continues to dress itself up as World of Warcraft's developmentally disabled younger sibling in the trailer hearkening it's impending official launch.

Runes of Magic's Taiwanese developer Runewaker Entertainment would of course call it an homage, but the trailer celebrating the March 19th launch of the game in Europe and North America looks suspiciously like something Blizzard would release, only not quite as good...which pretty much accurately describes Runes of Magic as a whole. Sure the game does plenty of new things, or at least borrows ideas from multiple sources to try and keep things fresh, but it's quite obvious where they drew their main inspiration from.

You still have until March 18th to participate in the open beta, after which you can pretty much play as if you were in the open beta anyway.

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