Even More Insane Portal 2 Cube Tricks? Now You're Just Showing Off!

Few people know how to handle a Portal 2 cube better than James, here—aka "Schrobot." Continuing his extremely impressive cube tossing and portaling techniques from his first video, we delve deeper into Aperture Science, finding new ways to blown away by Schrobot's cube-jockeying prowess.


Obviously, spoilers and puzzle solutions abound in this latest Portal 2 video, but if you've completed the game and feel like being impressive with one's ability to flick an Xbox 360 analog stick, watch now.

Schrobot also offers some handy links to other pro Portal 2 players who speedrun this game into the ground, so head over to his YouTube page for more.

Portal 2 - Insane Cube Tricks (Part Two) [YouTube]

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