Will they? Won't they? Following the reveal of Riley, Call of Duty: Ghost's awesome dog, people couldn't help but wonder about Call of Duty Dog's fate—especially when it would be so easy, if not cliche, to off the dog in an attempt to make an emotional powerplay.

When we polled Kotaku readers on it, most of you thought that Riley was dogmeat:


Funnily enough, Infinity Ward itself seems more divided on the issue according to Rock Paper, Shotgun:

“You know what’s funny about that is, we were all watching the Xbox One reveal event in our theater,” began Infinity Ward’s Tina Palacios. “And after we got the reaction in real-time – we didn’t expect any of this at all, by the way – the studio became divided. Half of them said, ‘OK, the dog absolutely has to die.’ And then the other half – I’m on this half – said, ‘Whoa, no way! People love him.’ It’s a constant debate, but we do have an answer.”


Choices will have to be made, of course. The dog will have to live....or die. Who knows! My bet is that Call of Duty Dog will be fine, and instead the emotional powerplay will be something like "And then Call of Duty Dog had to kill you."

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