Even Halo Was Affected By The Used Games Market

The other day, we were looking at the possibility of a looming SHOWDOWN between publishers and retailers over second-hand game sales. Today, Bungie's Marty O'Donnell adds his $0.02, telling GI.biz that even Halo, mightiest of mighty console unit-sellers, had its bottom line affected by pre-owned sales:

It's hard to gauge the effect of used game sales on Halo, but I'm sure it's big. Complaining about sales when you have a multi-million seller is somewhat difficult to justify, but it seems to me that the folks who create and publish a game shouldn't stop receiving income from further sales.


Least he's aware Halo was still a million-seller, and is arguing on principle. Pre-owned market had "big" effect on Halo, says Bungie dev [GI.biz] [Image]

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