The Gears 2 development team have a motto: bigger, better, more badass. It's inscribed, in blood, atop their monitors, and every morning, they gather in a circle, wearing dark hoods, and chant it in latin. But it doesn't just apply to the development of the game. Oh no, according to Epic artist Pete Hayes, it applies to the marketing as well. Witness Dude Huge and his toy Lancer. Or this comment from lead writer Josh Ortega:

The first [Gears] was good and if we can find a way to do ten times better, than I'd be impressed. That sounds hard, but sure, why not? I say the original Gears was like the ten, but sure, let's go to eleven. Like Spinal Tap, right? Let's go to eleven.

Cocky? We like to think they're just not taking the lead-in to this game as SERIOUSLY as some other developers do (though few developers get the luxury of working on a guaranteed million-seller). Lead GoW2 artist and writer talk Lancer polys, deaths and comics [X3F]