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Even Chinese Olympic Gold Medalists Have To Visit The Gray Market

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Chinese swimming hero, Sun Yang won two gold medals at the recent London Olympics this year. Despite getting a free pair of customized Beats By Dre, Sun seemed to still lack a video game system.

The above picture, dated July 31, 2012, is just making the media circles in China right now. It shows Sun standing over an original PlayStation 3 in what looks like an electronics gray market. The market is unknown, but the fact is, this is a common sight in China. I don't mean celebrities buying gaming consoles, I mean Chinese people in general heading to shady underground electronics markets to buy video game consoles. According to Chinese gossip blogs, Sun and many of his Olympic teammates are gamers.


No one knows what Sun Yang is planning to do with that PS3 but one thing is for sure, video game consoles are banned in China, and it seems even an Olympic gold medalist doesn't get any special treatment in China.


(Top photo: Michael Sohn | AP / Sina)

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