EVE TV Is Just Like Being In Reykjavik

Bummed that you couldn't make it to Reykjavik Iceland for this year's EVE Fanfest? EVE TV has you covered, broadcasting tournaments and keynotes from the yearly celebration of all things EVE Online related.

Why have an amazing time in a foreign land when you can sit at your computer desk, staring at a screen for hours? EVE TV will begin streaming from this year's EVE Fanfest on Saturday at 12:00GMT, broadcasting the finals of the 2009 PVP tournament live on stage. That will be followed up with a replay of Torfi Frans Ólafsson's keynote on EVE's next expansion, Dominion, wrapping up with Saturday's keynote on the future of EVE Online and CCP's new console shooter, DUST514.


I begged to be allowed to go this year, but since the cosplayers are mostly spaceships we ultimately decided to pass.

EVE TV [2009 EVE Fanfest via Voodoo Extreme]

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