EVE Player Stalked For Nearly Two Years By Very Patient Punks

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EVE Online, a sci-fi MMO that's full of scheming players, is famous for its many ridiculous stories of dedication, betrayal and intrigue. And the story of how some players became obsessed with someone who had one of the most expensive ships in the game feels emblematic of what the game can turn into for the most hardcore players.


Rock Paper, Shotgun's Rich Stanton has an excellent report about "big game hunters" who target ships with jump drives, or in other words, the big, powerful ships that players spend forever trying to attain. The story chronicles how the hunters took note of a specific ship (a Ragnarok Titan) they wanted to bag, which was worth $3,000—but the problem was that the player who owned the ship would never log in, making those plans difficult.

The group started stalking the player's alternate accounts nearly 24/7, in the hopes that they'd be able to predict his moves. Eventually, after twenty months—nearly two years—the player signed in and was promptly attacked.

This is a part of a chat log from the event:

[01:11:28] FomkA > i have not be loggin for 3 years
[01:11:29] FomkA > how the ufck
[01:11:31] FomkA > lol
[01:11:35] waris good > lol
[01:11:39] waris good > we been watching you for that long
[01:11:40] FomkA > i m serious
[01:11:47] BlueMajere > :)
[01:11:50] Jassmin Joy > it's been a long three years
[01:11:54] waris good > yea
[01:11:55] Fainaru Wada > welcome back m8
[01:11:59] waris good > slumber parta
[01:12:07] FomkA > gg
[01:12:12] BlueMajere > we stalked u
[01:12:14] BlueMajere > 3 yrs
[01:12:18] BlueMajere > thank u for logging in
[01:12:27] FomkA > cant believe tbh
[01:12:41] BlueMajere > its fact

Amazing. Note that even though the player, denoted in the log as "FomkA," hadn't logged in in three years, that's not necessarily how long the hunters had been following him for.

You can read the story in further detail, including interviews with some of the folks involved in the hunt, as well as the story of what happened to the pilots involved, here. It's a doozy.


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Doctor Nein

Honestly, I'd be creeped out as fuck if someone did stalk me with this much dedication in an MMO. But I'd also respect their level of dedication as well.