EVE Online's Ship Browser Is No Longer Called ISIS

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Until very recently, EVE Online’s ship browser was known as the Interbus Ship Identification System—or ISIS, for short. Wuh-oh.


The browser was, of course, stamped with those four scarlet letters before terrorist organization ISIS/ISIL rose to their place of modern infamy.

For a while, the name was even abbreviated as ISIS in the game’s UI. Case in point:

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However, EVE players recently logged in to find that developer CCP rechristened the game’s browser to the simpler, significantly less unfortunate “Ship Tree.”

According to a CCP employee who posted on Reddit, they actually didn’t change the name for the reason you might think. They explained:

“Just to clarify, the renaming has nothing to do with ‘ISIS’ being a name used by any real life terrorist group. I questioned Development about this when I saw the proposed name change internally, because if that was the reason then I was set to oppose it. The reasoning for the change is the fact that the name is too obscure for new players, and might confuse them.”

As a handful of EVE players have pointed out, that’s not terrible reasoning. “Ship tree” does make a lot more immediate sense than “Interbus Ship Identification System,” which is also the name of the fourth song on my upcoming prog metal concept album. I can’t help but imagine that CCP didn’t mind shedding that tiny association with a real-life terrorist group, though. It’s maybe not the worst side effect ever from their point of view, you know?

Thanks for the tip, Tomasz Jan Góralczyk.

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OG Isis is not pleased with such shenanigans.