I don't play the game, so I had no idea this even existed, but hey, turns out that space MMO EVE Online has its own official TV news show! And it's pretty good!

It's called The Scope, and as this interview on Motherboard explains, it was inspired by the more mainstream coverage of 2014's enormous Battle Of B-R5RB.

"It always pissed me off that we had a lot of attention due to this event and we never explained it to people," CCP's senior media producer Ragnar Ágúst Eðvaldsson told the site. "The mainstream media picked up on the highlights, how much real money was lost, etc, but if you were someone who knew nothing about Eve you wouldn't really know what was going on."

The Scope hopes to fix that by taking the biggest events going on in EVE and presenting them in the same way a TV news show would: simply, to the point and with explanation when and wherever necessary.


Four episodes of the program have been made so far; you can watch them here.