EVE Online Banker Robs From The Rich, Gives To Himself

EVE Online has banks. Run by EVE Online players. And EVE Online players are as susceptible to embezzling over 80 billion ISK (the game's currency) then doing a runner as any of us.

Having found himself in the position of investments manager for the in-game bank Dynasty Banking, player Xabier had massive amounts of in-game currency at his fingertips. Between 80-100 billion ISK. But instead of looking after it, he...took it. All of it. Then took off to the stars.


The Chairman of Dynasty Banking, Manalapan, has issued a statement trying to put a good spin on things, but it's hard to put a good spin on things when your statement reads:

The most recent event and one which has caused the most controversy is surrounding Xabier. First and foremost I would like to point out that it is still not known for certain whether Xabier has, for lack of a better word, scammed. What we DO know is that he has missed a dividend payment on a personal bond, and his bio now states "Thanks for all the fish".

Over 80 billion ISK embezzled from player-run bank in EVE Online [Massively, via Eurogamer]

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