EVE Celebrates Holidays With Interstellar Snowball Fights

In space, no one can hear you yell, "Duck!" EVE Online players are logging in today to discover that their hangar contains a special gift - a snowball launcher and 300 rounds of ammunition.

I logged into my own tiny, insignificant EVE Online account, but I'm not sure I even have a hangar. Yes, that's how deep I've gotten into the experience so far. I'm trying though! Instead of my personal experience, we'll have to take the word of Xiphos from the EVE blog A Misguided Adventurer.

Happy Holidays from CCP! Everyone check your hangars and you’ll find a nice little gift from CCP. 300 Snowballs and a Snowball Launcher. A High slot fitting, these deadly cold balls of ice do -10 Thermal Damage and are damn fun. Start launching some at your friends and enemies and let’s get a massive snowball fight started in Jita, top station!


I have no idea what most of that meant, but I am learning, dammit. By next Christmas I should have it all down pat.

Snowballs, CCP, and Cold Damage? [A Misguided Adventurer via Massively]
Image courtesy of Massively

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