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Evangelion Title Coming To PS3 (Does It Involve The Father of PlayStation?! Yes.)

Illustration for article titled Evangelion Title Coming To PS3 (Does It Involve The Father of PlayStation?! Yes.)

A Blu-ray disc version of mecha anime Evangelion: 1.0 You Are (Not) Alone includes a fold-in which what appears to be a new game announcement: an Evangelion title for the PS3.


The announcement reads, "The shape of a new report. Misato Katsuragi info plan. News will change with the PS3..."

There's a Namco Bandai Games logo on the same page — Namco Bandai is releasing an action adventure Evangelion game for the PSP this summer. One would assume that if there was an Evaneglion game, Namco Bandai would be handling that as well.


"Cellius, Inc." also appears as a copyright. Well, of course it does!

Back in 2007, Sony and Namco Bandai announced a joint venture to develop new content for the Cell chip including games for the PS3 and content for mobile phones and personal computers. The two companies invested about US$821,000 to form Cellius, an outfit headed up by Ken Kutaragi, the father of the PlayStation. Here's how the company was divvied up: 51 percent owned by Namco Bandai and 49 percent by Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.

Previously, the fruits of Cellius and Namco Bandai produced a Gundam video on-demand channel of all things.

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And if you take damage in the game, it hurts you in real life too! :O