Eurogamer has figured out just how powerful the Wii U is, and they explain why it doesn't really matter anyway.


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Or, you know, we could just have fun. Console graphics don't matter to me, I have a gaming PC for graphics. However, I'm very, very tempted by the Wii U because that controller looks so damn cool, and I already know that anything Nintendo develops is going to be golden. Sure, the next Xbox and PS may have graphics that can literally beam orgasms into your eyeballs, but is it that really a selling point? I never really understood the obsession with super ultra realistic graphics. I run Skyrim with 50 mods on Ultra, and I still think that Paper Mario and Rayman Origins have better "graphics". I wish we as a community could grow up, stop bullshitting around, and love everything.

When I was a kid, I loved every game (except Superman 64, that's a given). I never read reviews, I never listened to opinions, and I always found something great about a game. Even now, I had never even heard of Star Ocean when I saw SO4 sitting on the shelf, the ONLY reason I bought it right then and there was because I loved the box art, and now it's one of my favorite series. Now I've been corrupted by all these reviews that don't mean shit, but for some reason still indoctrinate me to pass on certain games. Then they go on sale on Steam, I buy them, and I love them. Hell, I still play SNES and N64 games on my laptop while I'm at college, and I find myself having a better time playing them than games made with the most cutting-edge tech.

I've brought this point up before, people agree with me for the most part, and yet we keep doing what we do. Why? Why do we deprive ourselves of a game because of something as insignificant as graphics? Why do we shit all over a title just because it's popular (all military shooters, sport games), or because of developers (Bioware because of the ending fiasco, Nintendo because they are "kiddie"), or because of communities (CoD fags, TF2 fags, console fags, pc fags [sub note: gay slurs aren't acceptable anymore, you may as well run around shouting console niggers or PC chinks])?

I digress, I hope this leads into meaningful discussion, but it probably will only get two or three replies. Still, it's food for thought. As for now, I'm going to try and break myself from these societal molds and use games for what they are for: fun, and to lose myself in a fantasy world for a while to relieve the crushing stress of everyday life, even if that world looks like shit.