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Euclidean Lands Puts A Clever Twist On Strategy

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

While the hero of Euclidean Lands seems to be wielding a spear, his greatest weapon is his axes.

His X, Y and Z axes to be precise, the ones that make up the three-dimensional space of Euclidean geometry. Euclidean Lands is a game that combines turn-based strategic movement with puzzles that rotate on those axes to create a unique puzzle/strategy hybrid that’s great fun to play, especially when you aren’t playing at the same time as recording a video about it.

You play as a hero trying to save a series of floating islands from a mysterious force. Through five chapters and 40 levels, our brave hero must defeat enemies by finding his way to their unguarded sides. He’s in charge of moving one square at a time. The player is in charge of rotating the world, activating teleporters and navigating obstacles in order to get him there.


Euclidean Lands is a very intelligent game that will get your brain thinking in three dimensions or more. Not bad for a first game, though developer Miro Straka did study architecture at the University of Applied Arts Vienna, giving him a leg up on creating the game’s magnificent rotating puzzles.


Euclidean Lands is now available on iTunes. $2.99 gets you the full game, with nary and ad nor micro-transaction to be seen. I highly recommend taking it for a spin.