Ethan and I are playing the Resident Evil 2 Remake “One Shot” demo right now on Twitch. This isn’t what I expected on my first day on the job. Come and join chat!

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Just played the one-shot on PC.

I am both super-hyped at this point (because god damn if it isn’t pretty—and the changes they’ve made to the original make a lot of sense from a modern functionality standpoint)—and a little wary.

I get that half the fun of the originals was the camp—in both the VO and the scripting (“it would be best if you—the master of unlocking—have this”)—but some of Leon’s lines, at least in terms of delivery, were pretty awful.

Case in point: Zombie cop rears up from where it was slouched over a desk. Leon’s response? A completely deadpan (and bored-sounding) “you bastard.”

I can see where this could be played for comedic effect, but at the moment, it all sounds a little phoned-in, which is unfortunate, because the rest of the demo is absolutely a slick piece of work.

Here’s hoping they either have a full-release set of VO work, or that my tolerance for camp is as high as it was twenty years ago.