Eternal Sonata PS3 Coming In October

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While it might be old news to some of you, last we'd heard the long-awaited and greatly enhanced PlayStation 3 version of Eternal Sonata was scheduled for a release sometime in the fall. Well while we weren't looking, sometime in the fall became sometime in October, which then got narrowed down even further to October 21st. While it's only been a year or so since I played the original, the improvements made between that version and this one - new characters, extra cutscenes, new outfits, etc. - might just be enough for me to pick it up again. Besides, it will be novel to play a relatively high quality Japanese RPG on the PS3 for once. Thanks to Sara for passing along the newsletter image with the date on it. Much appreciated!



I enjoyed the original game, but the PS3 version isn't really adding enough to play it on that console instead. They aren't even "new" characters; you're just playing through a part of the game where 2 normally non-playable characters did something while you were off with the main party. The extra outfits are also nothing to write home about; they don't hold a candle to Namco's Tales games' costumes.