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ESRB Rates Shadow of Destiny PSP, Contra ReBirth

Two Konami releases have been semi-confirmed for upcoming releases via new ratings for the WiiWare retro throwback Contra ReBirth and PSP remake Shadow of Destiny. Make a note of it, Konami fans.

While Contra ReBirth's release to Wii owners was nigh inevitable, a proper ESRB rating—these don't come cheap!—for the Gradius ReBirth follow-up is good news for anyone needing a spread beam fix. The Japanese release hit the Wii in May to the delight of fans of 16-bit stylized graphics and likely a few thrown Classic Controllers.

Also ever more likely for a North American release is Shadow of Destiny, the PlayStation 2 to PSP port that Konami of America hasn't yet officially announced to our knowledge. The Japanese version was officially announced last month.

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