ESPN Broadcasts Come to NCAA Football 11

Last year's NCAA Basketball 10 rendered its games in the broadcast style of CBS Sports and ESPN. That game died but the concept survived; NCAA Football 11 will deliver ESPN's college football package of graphics, wipes, themes and more.


A blog post by the NCAA 11 team late yesterday shed more light on what we'll see this kind of presentation, which first came to light last week. Games will open with the network's College Football splash screen and marching band-style anthem. In the game, you'll see biographical and statistical information consistent with the manner in which it's presented on broadcasts. Wipes into and out of replays will also reflect the authentic broadcast, and the team says they'll be rendered in real-time over the video, not as a canned generic animation.

Don't worry, though, ESPN's enhanced presence doesn't mean you'll hear Pam Ward butcher the noon Big Ten game. It's still Brad Nessler, Kirk Herbstreit and Lee Corso in the booth for every call.

ESPN Integration [NCAA Football 11 blog]

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