Escape From Las Vegas

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Boy are we glad to be back from Las Vegas, where nightly off-topic conversational posts can happen without interference. Care to celebrate with some underwater alcoholism? Or maybe just some good clean commenting fun?


Some of us are still recovering from CES indulgences, which were highly caloric. My cleanse, you might call it, will be playing some Demon's Souls and LittleBigPlanet 2, while ingesting very little meat. I think I ate an entire steer while in Vegas. Never again! Or until next year!

How was your weekend? Regale us with tales of your days off or comment on any of these interesting items, mkay?


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Im glad im not a short man.

Im not really a tall person but i pretty much never see any girls taller than me. Being a short dude has to suck. Its not something that should matter, but i know it does.