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Today the Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences announced that Entertainment Software Association founder Doug Lowenstein will be the third recipient of its Lifetime Achievement Award.


What makes old Doug worthy of standing alongside Sony's Ken Kutaragi and Nintendo of America founders Howard Lincoln and Minoru Arakawa? Lowenstein founded the ESA, the industry's most important and influential trade body, which helped establish video games as a respected cultural force. He helped lead the industry through rough times, combating the unconstitutional video game bills that the government considered following the wake of the Columbine school massacre. From the founding of the ESRB to the launch of E3, Lowenstein was there.

Plus, he's rather humble.

"This Lifetime Achievement Award represents the greatest professional honor I have ever received and I am grateful beyond words to the AIAS," said Lowenstein. "To be honored for doing a job I loved, and fighting for values I deeply hold on behalf of an industry and people I felt privileged to represent, let alone to be in the company of Howard Lincoln, Minoru Arakawa, and Ken Kutaragi, is profoundly humbling."


Lowenstein retired from his position as ESA president in 2006, but his contributions to the industry will be felt as long as we continue playing. Wise choice, Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences.

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